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Is Tagawa Gardens the poinsettia headquarters of the Front Range? You bet!

For instant holiday color, you can’t beat poinsettias!

Poinsettias of every size and color are a trademark of the holidays at Tagawa Gardens.   Are you looking for a bold traditional red poinsettia?  Great!  Want a poinsettia that’s new and different for your holiday decor?  We can do that, too!

We’ve started the holiday season with more than 2000 plants and nearly 25 different varieties.  With a little T.L.C., these wonderful poinsettias will stay beautiful for weeks.  Check them daily to make sure the soil stays moist.  And don’t expose them to extremes of temperature…. hot air or cold drafts.

The biggest challenge with the poinsettias from Tagawa Gardens may be deciding which ones to choose. So let’s look at just some of the varieties we’re offering, and see what tickles your holiday fancy.


“Luv U Soft Pink” is one of Tagawa’s new offerings this season.  The “Luv U” line is taller than most poinsettias.   As with all poinsettias, what appear to be flowers are actually “bracts,”  upper leaves that take on beautiful shapes and colors.  The bracts of “Luv U Soft Pink” are short clusters of dark pink surrounded by longer bracts that are pale pink and white.


“Luv U Hot Pink” has intensely solid pink bracts with an ever-so-thin hint of white on the margins.  Dramatic and sassy!


“Jingle Bell Rock” is about as playful as a poinsettia can be.  Its bracts show off bold splashes of reddish pink and white all the same time.   It’s sure to light up any spot in your home of office!


“Whitestar” has big beautiful snow white bracts with light green veins.  It’s elegant and striking and makes the “purr-fect” addition to any holiday setting.



“Glitter” lives up to its name!  Mostly red bracts are well-marked with bits and splashes of white.  Very festive!


“Enduring Pink” makes for a stunning change of pace.  This plant’s long, graceful bracts are sassy, bright and fresh!


“Marbela” continues the pink theme.  It’s a bold and cheerful poinsettia with medium- to dark-pink bracts, many with a narrow white edge.


“Ice Punch” sometimes looks dark pink…. sometimes pinkish red.  It has a lovely smudge of pale pink down the middle of each bract.  A bit of glitter is optional, but fun!


“Winter Rose” offers a traditional red color with a not-so-traditional look.  The short, crinkled bracts live up to their namesake, forming a rose-like clump held above beautiful greenish black leaves. Beautiful contrast!


The bracts of Autumn Leaves” bring in beautiful tones of peach, pink and gold.  Just lovely! Especially beautiful in groupings or combinations of other poinsettias.


Don’t forget that you can get poinsettias in a variety of your favorite team colors.  Fun, festive and full of team spirit!

All of the poinsettias from Tagawa Gardens come with your choice of complimentary foil wrapping, a bow and a protective sleeve to keep it safe from the cold.

We hope you’ll come and see these beautiful plants for yourself.  And from all of us at Tagawa Gardens to all of you, the Happiest of Holidays!