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GenerationsAbout Us

Since 1945, the Tagawa Family has made growing outstanding plants their life’s work.
Hazel and Frank Tagawa

Frank and Hazel Tagawa had farming in their blood. Long before they bought what is now Tagawa Gardens, the family started raising vegetables, bedding plants, carnations, and roses. They instilled in their six children that hard work, honesty, dedication, leadership, and commitment to change are the foundation of a successful business. For years, the Tagawa children, their families, and our staff have helped to carry on that legacy.

In 1978

The Tagawa’s purchased this greenhouse and its existing business of growing long-stem roses for the commercial trade. At the height of production, rows upon rows of hedges produced nearly 10,000 long-stem roses daily.

To this day, the Tagawa Gardens logo includes a rose in honor of those early times.

As the economy and community changed, Tagawa Gardens shifted from long-stem rose production and gradually transformed itself into a destination garden center open year-round. Production houses once filled with rose hedges and natural dirt floors soon overflowed with potted roses, colorful annuals, container gardens, hanging baskets, geraniums, and other high-quality garden plants, many grown on the premises.

Owner Jim Tagawa 1987
Beth in open field
Tagawa team Jere Kris Beth Chuck Jim with geraniums
Tagawa Lane four brothers

Our mission here at Tagawa Gardens has always been to create an enjoyable experience for our guests every time they walk into our garden center. We work hard to provide the best local service, the highest quality plants and products, and outstanding garden education – always with heartfelt respect for nature and the environment.

Our garden center now includes three-and-a-half acres of indoor greenhouse and over an acre of outdoor nursery. Educational classes, family events, live performances, and community partnerships make the garden center a gathering place year-round. Giving back to our community and adding value to our guests is so important to us. Because of Tagawa Gardens’ service to the community, the City of Centennial named the East Broncos Parkway entrance to our property “Tagawa Lane.” We’re humbled by such an honor!

Beginning with only a handful of staff in the early years, the Tagawa Team has grown to over 60 year-round staff and nearly 140 staff at peak season. Because of the Tagawa Family’s vision and our team’s passion and dedication, we have received numerous community and regional awards through the years and are also listed among the Top 100 Independent Garden Centers in the United States and Canada by Garden Center magazine. As a local family-owned business that brings to life the best of Colorado gardening, we are deeply grateful for our staff who have poured their hearts into our business for the past 40 years – and for all those who will still become part of our story in the future.

Join Our Team!

Our staff are the heartbeat of Tagawa Gardens! We value plant knowledge and prior garden experience, but our staff come from diverse backgrounds and work experiences. Every person on our team makes a difference.

The History of Grey Kitty

If you’ve spent any time at Tagawa Gardens, you might notice a grey kitty making a cameo appearance on plant tags, garden signs, and staff apparel. There’s a wonderful story behind that little whiskered face and all those paw prints.