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the story ofGrey Kitty®

A history of special garden companions.

If you’ve spent any time at Tagawa Gardens, you might notice a grey kitty making a cameo appearance on plant tags, garden signs, and staff apparel. What’s the story behind that little whiskered face and all those paw prints?
In 1986

Our Grey Kitty® tradition began with the adoption of a handsome Russian Blue mix found in downtown Denver near the home of one of our staff. This kitty quickly won our hearts with his happy antics and friendly ways, delighting our guests and their children.

Grey Kitty® soon began appearing in our advertising, becoming a special symbol and registered trademark. Grey Kitty® now appears on many products that are exclusive to Tagawa Gardens, including our “purr-furred” container gardens, hanging baskets, geraniums, poinsettias, roses, and other premium plants.

Over the years, many cats have found their way to us, adding their paw prints to the story of Grey Kitty.®

Grey Kitty
Grey Kitty Jasper
A Community Resource

Grey Kitty® has become a community resource, supporting animal rescue and shelter organizations throughout the Front Range. For many years, our annual Grey Kitty Birthday event celebrated the work of local animal non-profits and provided opportunities for families to donate, volunteer, foster, and adopt. We’ve worked with rescue groups that serve dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, donkeys, horses, farm animals, and other pets.

Making a differencehelping animals
If you are interested in connecting with local animal rescue and shelter efforts, these are some of the wonderful organizations with whom we’ve worked through the years. We collaborate with groups that are committed to ethical practices, and no matter the situation, we want every pet to find its forever home.