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Year after year

Perennials naturalize and harmonize the landscape, creating drifts of long-lasting beauty among garden beds and borders. Planted in combination with roses, trees, shrubs, and annual flowers, perennials are like welcome friends, returning each year.

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Right Plant, Right Place

When you visit Tagawa Gardens, you’ll discover a wide selection of perennial flowers, grasses, groundcovers, and vines – from late winter hellebores and spring peonies to summer honeysuckle and autumn mums.

Many perennials love sunshine and even thrive in dry conditions; others prefer shade and need more protection and care. As you choose the plants best suited to your sun or shade location, our experienced Perennial Team will help you find the right plant for the right place in your Colorado landscape.

Pollinators & Wildlife

Perennial plants support hummingbirds, butterflies, honey bees, native insects, and birds. By providing multi-season bloom and forage, perennials offer life-giving habitat throughout the year, especially when thoughtful additions like a native bee house or birdbath are nearby.

Our perennial resources make it easy for you to choose plants that pollinators will love.

If you dream to draw in the butterflies, open-faced flowers like coneflower and yarrow invite easy landing. If you hope to invite the hummingbirds, tubular flowers like hyssop and penstemon make beautiful choices.

As we share our gardens with nature, many of us encounter the challenges of grazing deer and nibbling rabbits. Our Perennials Team will help you learn which plants are more resistant to deer and rabbits – and which practical deterrents you might use to keep more of your blooms intact!

Low Maintenance Xeriscape

Amid the opportunities and challenges of the Colorado climate, some perennials are especially suited for less water and lower maintenance. A well-designed xeriscape can be a beautiful landscape solution that saves water, invites wildlife, and provides year-round interest.

With adequate watering and attention over the first three years, these xeric plants will establish themselves and thrive with minimal watering for years to come.

Tagawa Gardens is proud to feature Plant Select®, a special line of Colorado-hardy plants developed by Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado State Extension, and other industry experts. These plants are selected for their resilience and endurance in the Colorado landscape.

Multi-Season Interest

From summer blooms to winter interest, perennials provide structure, texture, and continuity in the garden. Whether you are creating a contemporary or cottage look, select your plants for successive blooms, giving yourself many reasons to go outside to discover what’s blooming next.

As you plan your perennial beds and borders, choose plants with colorful foliage and bright contrast. If you’re planting a shade garden, think burgundy heuchera paired with chartreuse hosta. If you’re growing in a sunny location, purple salvia and golden yarrow are an effortless Colorado pairing.

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