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Garden Supplies

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Whether you are a homesteader with a little bit of land or a suburbanite with a small patio, we have what you need to get growing in any space!
How Much Soil?

Raised Bed Gardens

If your soil is particularly stubborn, raised beds and container gardens are wonderful solutions. These options enable you to control your soil environment, which is especially important for growing vegetables.

We stock a variety of prefabricated raised garden beds in wood, plastic, and metal styles. Choose from elevated planters that are stylish for a patio or on-ground options that will maximize your space.

To protect your tender vegetable starts and vulnerable new plants from temperature and weather fluctuations here in Colorado, we stock frost cloth, shade cloth, and hail cloth. We even have mesh to help you safeguard your plants from certain birds and insects.

Pest & Weed Control

Colorado gardening is about learning to work with nature. We want beautiful gardens that support pollinators, birds, and wildlife, yet all of us live with garden challenges that need specific solutions. From Japanese Beetle to neighborhood deer, we’re here to share the struggle and to work toward earth-conscious solutions.

To help handle destructive garden pests and weeds, we carry a wide variety of both organic and conventional products. For larger wildlife, we stock environmentally friendly repellents that help deter deer, rabbits, and squirrels.

Accurately diagnosing your pest or weed issue is crucial to thoughtfully choosing the right product. Before applying any product, it is essential to read and follow all instructions on package labels. If you would like a diagnosis of your pest or weed condition, our Garden Advisors at Dick’s Corner welcome you to bring photos from different distances and angles to show the overall plant and problem. For live plant or pest samples, be sure to seal it inside a plastic bag before bringing it inside the greenhouse!

Soils, Fertilizer & Mulch

Healthy soil is a dynamic system of living organisms, organic matter, and nutrients, but in Colorado, improving your soil each year with the right amendments and fertilizers is crucial to growing a successful home garden.

To figure out which nutrients your soil may need, we recommend starting with a soil test.  Find several simple soil tests here at the garden center or grab a CSU soil test kit that you can send with payment for CSU to analyze.

We also carry varying sizes and textures of bagged mulch. In our arid Colorado climate, mulching retains moisture around plants, suppresses weed growth, and puts a finishing touch on the landscape.

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