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Extending the gardenCommunity OutReach

Growing gardeners is such a passion for us that we turned it into a unique program! 

For more than a decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, schools, businesses, and non-profits, sharing the value of gardening with people of all ages.

Our OutReach

Our Community OutReach program proudly features our Garden Ambassador, Luan Akin. A fixture on Denver television for thirty years, Luan logged thousands of hours in her airborne office, the helicopter for CBS4 News. During that time, she also trained as a Master Gardener. Luan left Copter4 and an award-winning career in TV news to put her passion for gardening to work as Tagawa’s Garden Ambassador. As a native Coloradan with a down-to-earth approach and an unfailing sense of humor, she understands the challenges of gardening in our climate and strives to help others succeed.

This year, we’re in the process of rebuilding our community programs, focusing on seasonal presentations we can offer your private group right here at the garden center. We have very limited availability for offsite bookings at your location, but we think your group will love gathering in our unique greenhouse environment!

Luan Akin teaching class houseplants
Luan Akin teaching class terrariums
teasing roots potting
veggies flowers potted

High Value Houseplants for Lower Light

Philodendrons are great low light plants, but there are so many others that can thrive without any direct sunlight. Brighten up your home or office with plants that will create a welcome green space even without bright windows nearby. (Fees apply.)

Build Your Own Tiny Ecosystem

Terrariums are a great way to let your imagination shine! Design and create small worlds with plants and accessories just the way you want them. Luan will show you how to assemble and plant both an open and a closed terrarium and explain the advantages and care of each. (Fees apply.)

Herbs Demystified

Whether you grow them indoors on a windowsill or outdoors on your deck or patio, herbs don’t have to be difficult. Luan will explain which herbs will tolerate our indoor conditions and which ones will thrive in an eye-catching container outdoors…pretty enough to be a centerpiece for summer dinners al fresco. (Fees apply.)

Debunking Gardening Myths

Is it time-tested wisdom or gardening myth? Knowing the difference might change how you think about your plants, both indoors and out. Luan takes a lighthearted but science-based approach and invites you to join in a true or false quiz that might reveal a few surprises. (Fees apply.)

Explore possibilities for your groupSend us an inquiry
Please send us an inquiry to find out all Tagawa Gardens has to offer your group. Ask if Gift Card Fundraising might be an option for your group, too! We look forward to working with you.