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Trees & Shrubs

Longevity in the landscape

Supplied by some of the best growers in the USA and Canada, Tagawa Gardens features over an acre of outdoor nursery with hundreds of varieties. We seasonally stock berries, grapes, and fruit trees, too.

Right Plant, Right Place

When choosing your trees and shrubs, we encourage you toward plants that work in your real conditions – be it tough clay, dry shade, full sun, or swale. Sun exposure, soil conditions, wind exposure, water access, and nearby structures need to be factored into your plan – as does the mature size of the tree or shrub.

Our Nursery Team will guide you toward the right plant for the right place and will equip you with regional knowledge to help your new trees and shrubs thrive. From properly planting, watering, and mulching to effectively pruning, maintaining, and protecting your landscape investment, we’re here to advise you through each season.

Beautiful Benefits

Trees and shrubs are a real investment in your landscape, but the long-term benefits will outlast us all. Trees release fresh oxygen, absorb harmful radiation, and reduce suburban heat with their shade. Trees and shrubs are a haven for wildlife and provide nesting places for birds. These magnificent plants also graft themselves into our family memories – from the front yard tree the kids love climbing to the backyard shrubs that make a perfect winter snow fort.

Multi-Seasonal Interest

One of the best things about Colorado living is getting to enjoy all four seasons. When making your tree and shrub selections, explore options that create multi-season value in your landscape.

Look for flowering and fruiting varieties that provide an explosion of color in early spring and branch-loads of berries for birds in late autumn. Mix deciduous and evergreen selections for year-round color. Pick plants with bark texture, stem color, and branch structure that will keep even your winter landscape interesting.

Small Space Trees & Shrubs

If you’re working with a tight suburban backyard or a tiny urban side yard, many ornamental trees and shrubs are now designed for small spaces. When you visit us, you’ll find tidy shrubs for streetside areas, columnar trees for closely built homes, and compact shrubs and trees with multi-season interest.

With the right plants, you can create backyard privacy and transform even a little yard into a place you love.

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