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During spring season, our Annuals Department features hundreds of varieties of vegetable starts and herbs. We source both organic and conventional varieties from wonderful Colorado growers. You can even creatively combine spring flowers, veggies, and herbs into your own edible foodscape.


Tomato & Pepper Lists

See the varieties we'll be stocking this year!

*This is not a live inventory. These plants are not yet in stock.

Variety SpotlightToothache Plant

This charming herb prefers bright, indirect light, and moderate to high water. It has been used traditionally by indigenous peoples as a remedy for toothaches.

Vegetable Plants

Start your garden season early with nutrient-dense cool weather crops and greens. We have all the supplies you need to start your own plants from seed. Onion sets, seed potatoes, asparagus root, and bare-root strawberries are other favorites we stock while supplies last.

With over 150 tomato varieties and 78 pepper varieties from which to choose, grab a compact patio tomato for fresh-picking by the barbecue or become a hot pepper aficionado, creating your own garden-grown sauces and salsas. From traditional to uncommon vegetable plants, we have a huge variety each spring!

Garden Herbs

We carry herb plants year-round! In springtime, our Annuals Department stocks nearly 120 varieties of both organic and conventional herbs.

You’ll find over 20 different types of basil and 12 varieties of mint, but that’s just the beginning. Whether you plan to grow for culinary or medicinal use, discover herbs that evoke flavors from around the world.

Raised Beds & Containers

Raised beds and container gardens are fantastic solutions for Colorado’s tough soil and for small suburban spaces. Many vegetables and berries are now perfectly suited to patios and balconies, with compact plants that pack an abundant harvest.


In October, Tagawa Gardens debuts an extensive selection of seed garlic bulbs just in time for fall planting. We usually stock between 35-40 varieties of hardneck and softneck garlic, including organic and conventional varieties. We curate the best varieties for our Colorado growing environment.

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