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Annuals & Container Gardens

Instant curb appeal

Ideal for container gardens, hanging baskets, and bright borders, annuals create the instant seasonal color we crave. Each season, our Annuals Team carefully evaluates plants at Spring Flower Trials in California and trial gardens throughout Colorado to bring you the best plants for our region – and your landscape.

Bedding Plants

Experiencing our Annuals Department in springtime is unforgettable. With 25,000 of our exclusive Tagawa-grown geraniums and nearly 200 varieties of petunias stocked in spring, that’s just the beginning! In every direction, from floor to ceiling, high-quality bedding plants are yours for the choosing.

If you are creating your own container gardens, we suggest designing with thrillers, fillers, and spillers.

  • Thrillers are centerpiece plants that give height and structure to your container garden. Some favorites are salvia, canna, geraniums, coleus, vermillionaire, and ornamental grasses.
  • Fillers are companion plants that surround and complement the thriller plant. Many of our guests love sunpatiens, mounding petunia, begonia, phlox, coleus, shade impatiens, zinnias, and marigolds.
  • Spillers are trailing vines that drape over the side of your container and complete the masterpiece. Our go-to spillers are ipomea, calibrachoa, trailing petunia, verbena, vinca, and torenia.

Custom Containers & Offsite Planting

As you plan for spectacular spring and summer color, discover how our specialized Custom Container Program and Offsite Planting Services may fit your needs! These highly customized services bring the best of Tagawa Gardens to your front door.

More Details

Container Gardens

To save you time, our design team curates over 175 unique container designs. Planted in our greenhouse in early spring, these container gardens grow under the watchful care of our staff. By Mother’s Day, these special planters are fully grown, ready for you to acclimate and enjoy. Whether you are working to brighten a small balcony or a wraparound porch, these premium gardens are hand-grown happiness!

Hanging Baskets

Tagawa Gardens hanging baskets are a tradition. In our production houses, we grow special hanging baskets of begonia, fuchsia, ivy geranium, lantana, and scaevola. In late April to early May, another 10,000 baskets join our spring profusion.

Our Annuals Team also grows about 350 premium moss baskets in 40 different designs, a specialty item exclusive to Tagawa Gardens. These stunning baskets bring the iconic feel of a Colorado mountain town to front porches across the Front Range.

Educational Videos

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