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Ten Great Annuals That Need More Love!

One of the very best things about Tagawa’s Annuals Department is that it goes on… and on… and on some more! But sometimes choosing your favorites from hundred of varieties […]

Eight Great Tips for Healthy Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets overflowing with flowers just seem to be getting more and more popular every season. And no wonder! Colorful annuals spilling down like fountains make a perfect statement: healthy, […]

Check Out Tagawa’s Custom Container Program Now!

Do you love big, beautiful pots and baskets overflowing with spring and summer flowers, but aren’t inclined to do all the work yourself?  Tagawa Gardens has the purr-fect answer! Tagawa’s […]

Why We Love Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket spilling over with bright beautiful annuals is hard to resist. So why not give in! Hanging baskets give us the ability to put big splashes of color […]