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Why We Love Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket spilling over with bright beautiful annuals is hard to resist. So why not give in! Hanging baskets give us the ability to put big splashes of color up high, where we can’t miss them! They make a statement and refuse to be ignored, even when space is limited.

Here at Tagawa Gardens, we celebrate hanging baskets at this time of year. So many annuals are right at home in hanging baskets. Tagawa Gardens takes pride in offering hanging baskets of all sizes that are well-suited to growing conditions along the Front Range. Here are a few tips for keeping your baskets looking their best all season long

Right Plant in the Right Place

Colorado sunshine can be intense.  When you’re selecting your hanging baskets at Tagawa’s, make sure you read the labels and match the plants’ light needs to the location you have in mind.  Shade-loving flowers will not be happy in full afternoon sun, and they won’t hesitate to let you know!

“Hardening Off”

Anytime you buy plants that have been growing indoors at a garden center, it’s essential that you introduce them to their new outdoor home gradually. It’s a process of conditioning called “hardening off.” It can make a huge difference in how well the plants adapt to life outside in the real world.

Failing to harden off your plants can stunt them for the season.  Annuals growing in hanging baskets are no exception. When you bring your baskets home from Tagawa’s, put them in a sheltered place out of direct sun and wind. Over the course of the next four or five days, gradually increase their exposure to the elements. Once they’re ready to be displayed in their final location for the season, they’ll be much better prepared for some of the challenges that Colorado’s climate can dish out.

Proper Watering is Critical!

Hanging baskets are thirsty baskets! Colorado’s hot dry air will put a lot of demands on these plants, and we need to be there for them, ready to keep them happy! That can often mean watering them every day. And this is no time for sips of water!  Give you baskets good, deep drinks…. ’til you see the water just beginning to spill out the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

And regular feeding, too!

Tagawa’s hanging baskets are always planted in the best potting soil you’ll find. But routine watering and hungry plants are going to be a steady drain on that soil’s natural nutrition.


We recommend regular feeding with a quality fertilizer that promotes flowering, like Age Old “Bloom.” This is a favorite with Tagawa’s Annuals Staff. Use as directed, one to two tablespoons every week or two to keep the flowers coming!

Some timely trimming

Container gardens look best when they’re full and over-flowing, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from some trimming and tidying up now and then. Remove fading blossoms that don’t “self-clean,” or fall off on their own. Trim back any growth that getting thin or stringy.

And when you bring your baskets down for occasional grooming, re-hang them so a different side is facing the brightest light. That will help keep them well-rounded and going strong.

Include hanging baskets in your gardening plans this summer. We have so many to choose from at Tagawa’s. There’s an eye-catching basket just “purr-fect” for your home!