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Check Out Tagawa’s Custom Container Program Now!

Do you love big, beautiful pots and baskets overflowing with spring and summer flowers, but aren’t inclined to do all the work yourself?  Tagawa Gardens has the purr-fect answer!

Tagawa’s Custom Container program is gearing up for the coming gardening season. We’re putting out the call to existing and new clients of our Custom Containers program to bring in their clean pots and baskets now, and decide help design the display they want come spring. All of the containers should be empty (no soil), and sanitized with a 10% bleach solution before they’re brought in.

So many plants to choose from!

There are lots of reasons why Tagawa’s Custom Containers are so popular.  One of the biggest reasons, of course, is the flowers.  Different people love different flowers…. different colors…. different combinations.  With our Custom Containers, people can explain all of their preferences to our Annuals Staff.  They’ll come up with a design that’s not only beautiful, but one that will thrive in the light and location where the containers will be displayed once they go home.

The containers are planted from plugs… tiny plants with just two or three inches of foliage showing and vigorous root systems.  The little plugs take off as soon as they’re tucked into the rich, wonderful soil we use for our Custom Containers.

Our Annuals crew will plant the plugs about eight weeks before the clients want to pick them up, usually after Mother’s Day and once the danger of frost has passed.  During that time, the containers will be pampered in the Tagawa greenhouses, watered and fed by the pros.  By the time the containers “graduate” and go home, they’ll be full and lush and ready to show off!

Picture nearly 1000 containers all rarin’ to go!

Since we started our Custom Containers program three years ago, homes and businesses now order nearly 1000 custom pots and baskets every spring.  They’re designed, hand-planted and pampered by our Custom Containers crew.  It makes for quite a sight in our Production Greenhouses as the plants grow up and begin to spill over the sides of their containers.

The custom containers are priced to include the cost of the plants once they mature and an hourly fee for planting labor.  There’s no charge for the “baby sitting” while they fill in.

For homeowners or business that have a lot of containers or very large containers, Tagawa’s has an off-site program to help.  We’ll come to you once the weather has warmed.  We’ll bring all the plants you’ve selected and enough new soil to complete the task at hand.  It doesn’t get any easier!

Clients can also use Tagawa’s delivery service to bring the ful12ly-grown (and now quite heavy) containers from our store to their final destination.

We hear great things from happy Custom Container clients!

Because the pots and baskets are planted with such skill and care, the results are impressive!  We coach our clients on how to take care of their new containers.  We hear from a lot of them that their flowers are thriving and getting lots of compliments!

If Tagawa’s Custom Container program sounds like a good fit for you, call or come in and chat with our Annuals Staff.  A stunning display of healthy, happy flowers at your home or business may be just a conversation away!