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Winter Rose Care in Colorado

Luan Akin interviews rose expert Tom about getting rose bushes ready for winter, including how to use a rose collar.


Floribundas are a wonderful choice for anyone new to growing garden roses. Offering a spectacular variety of colors, these roses bloom profusely in bold clusters. They require deep watering and […]

Shrub Roses

Shrub roses, particularly Canadian or old garden (species) shrub roses, are known for their hardiness, disease-resistance, and resilience in poor soils. Shrub roses require less maintenance and stand up to […]

Hybrid Teas

Hybrid teas are crown jewels of the garden. These iconic roses require more moisture, wind protection, and rigorous pruning than other roses, but hybrid teas reward with stunningly large blooms, […]

Rose Care at a Glance

Rose Care at a Glance

Hardiness: Choose roses that will thrive in your area! Hardier rose varieties for Colorado tend to be shrub roses, climbing roses, and species/old garden roses Location: Most roses do well […]

Colorado Rose Calendar

Roses David Austin

St. Patrick’s Day: As weather permits, begin removing two inches of winter mound material from your rose bushes every few days. April Fool’s Day: If spring comes early, rose bushes […]

Watering Wisely for Roses

Watering Roses

Understanding your specific rose variety and grouping it with other roses, perennials, and shrubs that have similar needs will help you maximize water. Roses don’t like to have their leaves […]

Acclimating Your New Roses

Our Rose Team gives exceptional care to our roses as they grow in our greenhouse. When you take your beautiful new roses home, the most important step is to acclimate […]