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Tagawa’s Five Steps for the Best Christmas Trees Ever!

Who doesn’t love the fresh woodsy smell of Christmas trees?  Walk into Tagawa’s indoor forest of trees and you’ll find yourself flashing back to simpler times and holidays past!

At Tagawa’s, we’ve started the holiday season with nearly 1500 trees that were harvested just a few weeks before they rolled into our garden center.

Now, they’re groomed and hydrated and ready to go!  So let’s take a look at how you can be sure you’re getting the best tree possible, and what steps you can take to keep your tree fresh, supple and fragrant.

Step #1:  We choose the right Christmas trees for Colorado.

One of the first steps to having the purr-fect Christmas tree, one that will look great all season long, is to start with the best tree possible.  Know where it came from and how it’s been cared for.

Tagawa’s carries two of the best varieties of Christmas trees available. One of the favorites is Fraser fir.

Frasers are described as having a “heavy fragrance and long-lasting, dark green needles with silver accents.”  They have a track record of doing especially well in Colorado’s dry air.  Their strengths make Fraser fir the top-selling Christmas tree in Colorado and across the country.

Tagawa’s also carries beautiful Noble fir Christmas trees.  Nobles have “elegantly layered branches, especially good for heavy ornaments, and a nice scent.”

The overall shape of a Noble fir is somewhat narrower than Fraser fir.  They’re harvested from tree farms in Oregon and Washington.


Tagawa’s Christmas trees get lots of T.L.C.!

The same folks who tend to Tagawa’s Nursery Department during the gardening season give special attention to our Christmas trees.

Mike is Tagawa’s Nursery Floor Supervisor.  He takes a lot of pride in the trees we bring in, and it shows!

Which brings us to Step #2:

From the minute they arrive, Mike and our Nursery staff quickly store the trees indoors!  And especially important, every tree set up for display and sale gets a fresh cut at the base of its trunk.

Mike says that by their nature when they’re cut for harvest, the trees will seal up a cut surface to conserve moisture.  Once sap closes off the cut, the tree can’t take up water.  A fresh cut at the base of the trunk means the trees can hydrate once again, and that’s just what we help them to do!

Step #3:  Every tree is displayed in its own stand, with water.

Because the trees get a fresh cut, they lap up the water in their stands.  Mike says medium and large trees can drink one to two gallons of water every day! That’s why each of the stands are topped off by our staff every morning.

Step #4:  As each tree is purchased, it gets another fresh cut for the ride home.

This is just one more way to ensure that the tree will be able to drink up moisture when it takes center stage as a beautiful, decorated tree.  The Tagawa staff will also bundle the tree so it’s safe and snug as it heads out.

Step #5:  Watch the water!

(This is actually your job!)  As soon as you get your tree home, preferably within an hour or two of when it leaves Tagawa’s, put it in a bucket of warm water!  Don’t let that cut seal while the tree is waiting to be placed in its stand!

And once the tree is set into position in your home, check the water every morning!  Mike suggests that as you get your coffee, tea or juice, make it a morning ritual to check the tree and top off any water that’s been drawn up.

With a few simple but critical steps, Tagawa’s beautiful Christmas trees will help fill your home with sweet sights and smells throughout the season.

From all of us at Tagawa’s, a very happy and healthy holiday to all!