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Want Something Snazzy for Your Garden? Let Tagawa and Hardy Boy Help!

Anticipating something fun and special down the road can be a lovely thing.  Take gardening, for example. Just anticipating the way your garden will look this season, and some of the beautiful flowers you might be planting are something to be savored.

I tagged along recently as members of Tagawa’s Annuals Department spent a few hours looking ahead at “What’s New 2018,” hosted by Hardy Boy Plants.  It was a chance to savor the beauty of the flowers that will be available in just a few short weeks.  Here’s a look at some few of them.  You may see some of these at our Night of Wine & Roses, 4-7 PM on Friday, April 27, when Debi from Hardy Boy visits with some new plant introductions (quantities limited)!

“XXL Tobasco”

XXL Tobasco is a stunning dahlia with four-inch flowers… orange petals streaked with yellow.  It’s a mid-height dahlia, averaging 15″ to 20″ tall.  Deborah, Tagawa’s Annuals Co-supervisor, says XXL Tobasco will be great as a “thriller” at the center of a mixed container.  It’s fine with full sun and moderate water, one- to one-and-a-half inches a week.

“Crazytunia Frisky Purple”

This next flower reflects the current unabashed popularity of blossoms with bold patterns.  Crazytunia Frisky Purple has grape-colored flowers with pale lime-green-to-white centers.  Frisky Purple is an upright mounding petunia that will grow about 10″ high and offer non-stop color all summer long.  Deborah says Frisky Purple will look terrific in a mixed container or hanging basket, complemented with a beautiful pale green sweet potato vine.  Outstanding!

“Crazytunia Ultra Violet”

Not to be outdone, Crazytunia Ultra Violet will give Frisky Purple a run for the money.  Ultra Violet is another upright mounding petunia.  Its large maroon and pink flowers will be showstoppers all summer long!

“Sweetunia Coral Flash”

Sweetunia Coral Flash is bold and soft at the same time.  Its rich, hot salmon color fades to a softer coral towards the edges of the petals.  Coral Flash is a spreading petunia, eight- to ten inches high and up to 24″ wide.  It’s excellent in beds or draping down over the sides of a container or hanging basket.  Deborah says combine Coral Flash with a purple salvia and “wow!”

“Supercal Crimson Red”

If you’re a fan of hot colors in the garden, then you might want to check out Supercal Crimson Red.  This petunia-calibrachoa cross has a dark red, almost black interior that makes the yellow center seem to glow.  The deeper red moves into an almost iridescent bright red that fills out the rest of the large flowers.  Crimson Red is tolerant of hot conditions that can shut down regular calibrachoas.  It’s described as “one of the best reds out there!” Deborah says to give your Crimson Red a weekly fertilizing and it won’t disappoint!

“Boomtastic Pink Flare”

“Huge flowers and great performance” is the way Hardy Boy Plants describes Bloomtastic Pink Flare calibrachoa.  This callie will stand eight-to-ten-inches tall.  It will be right at home in full sun either in containers or beds.  It’s soft and feminine but definitely not shy.

“Chameleon Indian Summer”

I’ve saved one of my favorites for last:  Chameleon Indian Summer calibrachoa.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  This sweet, warm plant is semi-trailing, but not in the least bit droopy.  “Perky” is the word that comes to mind.  As the name implies, the rich tones of orange and yellow change and shift with time.  Chameleon Indian Summer will make a beautiful addition to a mixed container or hanging basket.  Just give it a bit of room to show off.

Tagawa Gardens will be bringing in all of these summer annuals, with deliveries from Hardy Boy starting on or about April 26th.  Limited quantities available of some new varieties at our Night of Wine & Roses, 4-7 PM on Fri, April 20, 2018! It’s common for plants that are newer to the market to have limited supply, so if something here has caught your eye, make plans to visit our Annuals Department with dreams of your beautiful 2018 garden in mind!