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Tagawa’s Has Plants, Will Travel!

Picture this:  Big pots and baskets, overflowing with lush, beautiful flowers right where you live or work. Sounds lovely, but maybe just a bit more than you want to tackle on your own?  No problem! It’s Tagawa Gardens’ Off-site Custom Container program to the rescue!

Here’s how it works

Tagawa’s has a specially-skilled team of people who love mixed containers of flowers,  and they’re eager to bring their passion for these overflowing pots and baskets to you, at your home or office.

Our Off-site Custom Container Program is taking requests now for this spring and summer. The whole process couldn’t be easier.

Just a few questions…

When you call Tagawa’s and ask to speak with our Off-site Custom Container crew, here’s the information they’ll need.

  • How many pots or baskets do you have.
  • How big are they?  (A few pictures would be great!)
  • Will your flowers be growing in sun, shade or a bit of both?
  • What flowers and colors are your favorites?

Clearly, it’s that last question about the flowers that’s the most fun!  Tagawa’s Off-site Custom Container team can choose from hundreds of beautiful annuals, tropical greenery and even some perennials. They’ll all be just purr-fect for the pots and baskets you’ll be proud to have at your home or office all summer long!

The price for the off-site service is based on the cost of the flowers and soil, plus the labor for the design, travel and planting.

Another option…

You can also take advantage of Tagawa’s in-store Custom Container program. You simply bring in your own empty, clean containers (or buy some new ones.  We have a beautiful selection!)


Our Custom Container team will ask you about lighting conditions where the plants will be displayed and your favorite flowers and colors. Tagawa staff plant and grow hundreds of these custom pots and baskets every spring. We have a long list of happy customers who tell us their custom containers draw enthusiastic compliments all summer long.

Either way…

Whether you choose our Off-Site Custom Container program or our in-house Custom Container offer, you’ll be in for lush, beautiful pots and baskets that will light up your home and office this coming season.

If either of these no-work Custom Container programs sounds intriguing, call Tagawa’s soon at 303-690-4722 ext 139.

Reserve your spot in line and know that gorgeous flowers are coming your way!