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Should you choose a real Christmas tree or an artificial one? The answer is easy!

buying a christmas tree at tagawa gardens denver

It’s almost worth having the sniffles this time of year knowing I can walk through Tagawa’s all-indoor forest of fresh Christmas trees and breathe in the head-clearing vapors of pine and fir.

Tagawa is bringing in more than 2,000 trees this season to adorn the homes and offices of our guests and patrons.  But if you’re trying to choose between a real Christmas tree and an artificial tree, consider the following.

The sentimental benefits of a real tree

The delicious fragrance of a freshly-cut tree is irresistible!  Try it yourself.  Step into Tagawa’s Christmas tree forest and close your eyes.  Breathe in that aroma, and get ready for flashbacks of holiday seasons from years past.

Decorating the tree is the stuff of family traditions.  I clearly remember that as a kid, it was my job to hang the collections of ornaments that made our tree different from everyone else’s.  I’d gently push aside the supple branches so I could hang the baubles just so.  

christmas trees at tagawa gardens denver

My poor mother wanted every icicle to hang perfectly straight, like a real icicle would.  She’d always end up working alone, hanging the icicles one by one long after the rest of us had called it a night.  But we all thought the results of her patience made our tree the prettiest  one on the block!

The very practical benefits of a real tree

In a word:  sustainability. Real Christmas trees are a renewable and recyclable resource grown by farmers on land that often won’t support other crops.

christmas tree farm tagawa gardens denver

In the seven or so years it takes from planting to harvest, real Christmas trees help the environment by capturing carbon.  According to the National Christmas Tree Association, for every tree that’s harvested, one to three trees are planted to replace it.

There are also American jobs to consider.  Industry data indicates about 100,000 full- or part-time jobs in this country are directly tied to producing and selling real Christmas trees.

after christmas trees at tagawa gardens denver

Recycling Christmas trees has never been easier.  City and county governments all along the Front Range open tree drop-off locations shortly after the holidays.   The trees are run through a chipper on site and the mulch is available free for the hauling to gardners and homeowners, like me!  There’s a lot of Christmas tree mulch in the pathways around my raised beds.  I love that stuff!  No Christmas tree should ever have to go to a landfill.

By contrast, artificial trees…

  • … are made of non-recyclable metals and plastics that will take decades or longer to  disintegrate.
  • … are manufactured primarily overseas, benefitting workers there.  An estimated 80% of artificial trees come from China.
  • …do absolutely nothing to improve the environment.  Just the opposite.

How Tagawa Gardens pampers our Christmas trees

Tagawa’s is bringing in more than 2,000 Christmas trees this season.  All of them are stored and displayed indoors, out of the elements.  Better for the trees and more comfortable and convenient for our customers.

Every tree we bring in gets a fresh cut at the base of its trunk when it’s unpacked.  Each tree is then set up in its own sturdy tree stand and watered at least once a day, every day it’s with us.

When a tree is purchased, it gets another fresh cut and is bagged for the trip to its new home.  With proper care and watering once it arrives, Tagawa trees should last for weeks.

Our holiday wish for you

All of us at Tagawa’s would love to meet and greet you in our Christmas tree forest or  anywhere in our garden center in the coming weeks.  Our Nursery staff is ready to help you choose just the right tree to add color and warmth to your family gatherings.

But more than anything, whether you choose one of our trees or not, know how much we appreciate your ongoing support.  We wish each and every one of you a loving and peaceful holiday season.