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Fresh greens… beautiful accents… All that’s missing is some holiday spirit, and you!

Did you know that the word “wreath” is adapted from Old English and means twist or writhe?  But not to worry!  If you’d like to have a wreath as part of your holiday decorations, Tagawas has already done the work for you!  No twisting or writhing necessary to have a beautiful wreath in your home or office.


Tagawa’s carries undecorated wreaths in sizes just perfect for a front door or big eye-catching wreaths that will make a grand statement on a large living room wall.  Any of them will bring the fun and fragrance of the season to your celebrations.

But why not dress up your own wreath?

If you can decorate a Christmas tree, you can decorate a wreath!  Whether you’re crafty, and most definitely even if you’re not, let your creative juices flow and design a wreath that’s perfect for your setting!  Here’s how. 

For some tips, I knew just where to go

I invited Meagan, a dear friend of Tagawas, to show us how easy it can be to dress up one of our fresh undecorated wreaths.

Note:  Because Colorado can be so dry, I always recommend spraying fresh greens with “Wilt Stop,” a botanical spray made from pine sap that helps preserve the greens.

Before Meagan begins decorating, she opens up and “fluffs” the soft, supple greens… loosening the branches and helping them look more fresh and natural.

Let the fun begin!

Once you’ve fluffed your wreath, it’s time to accessorize! This is where your individual tastes and personality get to shine! How elaborately you decorate and what types of decorations you choose are completely in your hands!

Tagawas has lots of options when it comes to bling for your wreath. Faux decorations like wired berries or natural touches like pine cones are extremely easy to work with. Maybe you’d like to include some of your own small ornaments that bring back family memories. Look at your undecorated wreath as an empty canvas and go from there!

Start with small bundles

One of Meagan’s favorite design tips involves “layering,” laying small decorative pieces on top of each other to create dimension and depth. Rather than inserting each decoration one at a time, try creating  little bundles by laying three or four pieces on top of each other like a tiny bouquet, and then inserting that bundle into the wreath as a single piece. It’s especially attractive if the items you bundle together have pleasantly contrasting colors and textures and heights. 

Adding some additional fresh greenery, just as Meagan has done here with bits of incense cedar, can add even more interest and appeal. She also finds it helpful to think of weaving the pieces of the bundle together to make them look like something Mother Nature created.

Meagan says the design process is one of the best parts of decorating your own wreath.  Experiment with what to include in your bundles until you have just the look you love!

Odd numbers appeal to the eye

It’s a long-standing artistic principle: odd numbers are often more interesting visually than even ones. For this project, Meagan decided to have a total of three bundles on her wreath, leaving a lot of the undecorate greenery visible. 

Each of the finished bundles can be attached with 22 gauge floral wire, readily available at craft stores. Meagan tucked each bundle deeply into the greens, then slipped the wire around the bundle and the wreath all at once, working it into the foliage where it couldn’t be seen.  The bundles can also be wired together first and then inserted into the wreath.  Either way works just fine. 

Pull the wire very tight to secure each bundle, then give the wire a few twists before tucking the tails of the wire into the wreath.

Meagan encourages aspiring wreath decorators to look for decorative pieces close to home: in this case, a dried blossom from an Autumn Joy sedum.

She also considered adding a sprig or two of a fragrant fresh herb like sage, which can be left to dry in place.  Additions like these can be attached with a bit of hot glue. 

And the results?

I think the finished wreath is as lovely as the lady who decorated it!  The wreath is so appealing because Meagan’s placement of her bundles creates movement, drawing the eye in a loose, pleasing circular motion.  But as you can see, the finished wreath is also full of energy and life. 

Create a wreath-decorating tradition in your family!

Once your tree is up (and of course Tagawa’s has hundreds of beautiful trees to choose from!), maybe set aside an hour or two to decorate a fresh fragrant wreath as another way of celebrating the season.  Why not let your children create their own decorations, then help them place their bundles just so on their own wreath, creating a new family tradition in the process!

Even if you don’t have room for a tree, a fresh evergreen wreath with decorations inspired by your own imagination can bring a special warmth to the holiday season.

Happiest of holidays from all of us at Tagawa Gardens!