How to Prune Clematis Vines

Learn how to prune two different types of clematis vines (A or 1 and B or 2). Tagawa’s Garden Ambassador Luan Akin interviews Tagawa’s Perennial Expert Lina on the best […]

How to Plant Perennials

With the right know how, you can plant your perennials with ease and get year and year of beauty in the garden.

Multi-Season Interest

From summer blooms to winter interest, perennials provide structure, texture, and continuity in the garden. Whether you are creating a contemporary or cottage look, select your plants for successive blooms, […]

Low Maintenance Xeriscape

Amid the opportunities and challenges of the Colorado climate, some perennials are especially suited for less water and lower maintenance. A well-designed xeriscape can be a beautiful landscape solution that […]

Pollinators & Wildlife

Perennial plants support hummingbirds, butterflies, honey bees, native insects, and birds. By providing multi-season bloom and forage, perennials offer life-giving habitat throughout the year, especially when thoughtful additions like a […]

Right Plant, Right Place

When you visit Tagawa Gardens, you’ll discover a wide selection of perennial flowers, grasses, groundcovers, and vines – from late winter hellebores and spring peonies to summer honeysuckle and autumn […]