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Hummingbirds are beautiful pollinators, wonderful acrobats, and charming communicators. Along Colorado’s Front Range, we often see broad-tailed, calliope, and Rufous hummingbirds darting through our yards. Their favorite food is nectar, […]

Sustainable Practices

Beneficial Bug Sachet

At Tagawa Gardens, we always seek to be aware of how our actions affect our earth, our ecosystems, our environment, and each other. With our commitment to sustainable practices, you […]


honey bee on purple flower

Did you know that one honeybee produces 1/12 a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime? Unlike solitary native bees, honeybees are social insects that live together in hives, working together […]


butterfly on green leaf

To welcome the butterflies, first welcome the caterpillars! Through the process of metamorphosis, the caterpillar devouring your dill and parsley today may become the luminous swallowtail butterfly flitting through your […]

Backyard Birds


The more habitat we create in our garden for birds, the healthier our gardens will be – and the happier we will feel watching the birds’ feathered antics. Even in […]

Deer, Rabbits, & Other Pests

While we work hard to create beautiful gardens that support pollinators, birds, and wildlife, all of us live with garden challenges that need specific solutions. From Japanese Beetles to neighborhood […]

Managing Voles

A gardener’s guide to deterring voles from your landscape.