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Forcing Paperwhites

How to get paperwhite bulbs to produce large, long-lasting floral displays

How to Grow Orchids

Tagawa’s Garden Ambassador Luan Akin and Dee, Tropical Plant Horticulturist, discuss how easy it is to grow orchids in Colorado!

Growing African Violets

Luan Akin chats with Dee, Tropical Plant Horticulturist, about growing and caring for African Violets and other Gesneriads!

Air Plants and Bromeliads

Learn how to have the best results with air plants from Tagawa’s Garden Ambassador, Luan Akin, and Tropical Plant Horticulturist Dee!

Re-Planting a Terrarium

Have an old terrarium? Learn how to replant it and re-purpose the plants. Also see how easy it is to create a new one!

Bonsai Maintenance

Learn how to water and prune bonsai from our Garden Ambassador, Luan Akin, and Tropical Plant Horticulturist, Dee!