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Raised Bed Gardens

raised bed garden

If your soil is particularly stubborn, raised beds and container gardens are wonderful solutions. These options enable you to control your soil environment, which is especially important for growing vegetables. […]

Seeds & Tools

Garden Snips

Tagawa Gardens stocks high-quality seed from companies that share our values. We carry conventional, organic, and heirloom seeds, providing a huge variety to help you toward your garden goals. As […]

Pest & Weed Control

Colorado gardening is about learning to work with nature. We want beautiful gardens that support pollinators, birds, and wildlife, yet all of us live with garden challenges that need specific […]

Soils, Fertilizer & Mulch

Healthy soil is a dynamic system of living organisms, organic matter, and nutrients, but in Colorado, improving your soil each year with the right amendments and fertilizers is crucial to […]