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Big beautiful pots o’ flowers created just for you!

Tagawa Gardens’ Custom Container Program is gearing up for the coming season, and you’re invited to jump on board! Some very talented ladies in our Annuals Department are flexing their designing muscles and minds to create exactly the custom containers that will be perfect for your home or office.

There are two ways to make our Custom Container program work for you.  The beautiful display above was planted on location!  It’s just one example of how members of our crew can come to your home or office once the weather has warmed, and transform your empty containers into an eye-catching show in just a few hours. That’s instant gratification!

The off-site program is especially helpful for larger pots or baskets, or finished designs that can be difficult to transport.  It’s also extremely convenient if you have several containers as part of your display.

The other Custom Container option is to bring your containers into Tagawa’s and leave them for us to plant and care for until they’re ready to “go home” in May.  Either way, we’ll plant with love and show you how to take care of these special flowers to keep them looking their best all summer long.

Our Custom Container program is based on the idea that individual tastes and growing conditions vary, so containers of beautiful flowers don’t have to be one-size-fits all.  They can be unique, just like their owners. That’s where our one-on-one consultations come in.

Our design team will start with a list of questions:

  • How many pots or baskets do you have?
  • How big are they?
  • Will they be growing in sun or shade, or a bit of both?

And the most fun of all…

  • What flowers and colors are your favorites!

For the in-store program, we ask that you bring in your containers both empty and clean.  There will be a modest fee to clean the containers if you choose not to do it yourself.  You’re also free to buy new containers from our large selection of baskets and pots and have us plant in those.

Whichever Custom Container program works for you, in our place or yours, the time to act is now!  We’re already taking reservations for these one-of-a-kind containers that are sure to draw praise from friends and family all summer long.

If either of these no-work Custom Container programs sounds intriguing, call Tagawa’s soon at 303-690-4722, ext. 139, or email There is also more information on our website Custom Container Gardening page.

A summer-long season of custom-designed over-flowing flower pots is just a phone call or email away!