Tagawa® Garden Webinars

in conjunction with Camelot Design!

Check back for 2014 Live Webinars!

All webinars are presented by Carole Kastler, landscape designer/owner of Camelot Design in conjuction with Tagawa Gardens.

Webinars are a convenient and enjoyable way to learn about landscaping and gardening from your home, office, desk or mobile phone (with appropriate app, see your app store and search for the WebEx app))!

Each webinar lasts approx. 20 minutes with 10 min. for questions and answers.

Recorded Webinars!!

A great way to learn whenever it is convenient for you! See below for our extensive list of pre-recorded webinars, just  click on the title to begin!

(All webinars listed below were presented by Carole Kastler, Landscape Designer and owner of Camelot Design.)

March 28 2013 - Drought restrictions: What to know for your landscape needs
April 3 2013- Effective Irrigation Tips for water-conserving landscapes and gardens
April 17 2013- Less grass more food: Learn how to design using less grass and add more productive gardens

April 18th - Edible Landscaping
May 1st - Sustain and Eco-conscious outdoor living in Colorado
May 15th - Eco-scaping design for plants, pets and healthy soils in Colorado
May 16th - Urban Homesteading: Introduction tips and things to know for Colorado backyards

Wed., Oct. 30, 2013: Container Gardens for Late Fall & Winter

Wed., Nov. 13, 2013: Plant Combinations--Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs & Bulbs
Tues., Nov. 26, 2013: Update & Refresh Button on Outdoor Living Spaces

Wed., Dec. 11, 2013: Holiday Decorating for the Garden--Lighting Ideas Included!
Tues., Dec. 17, 2013:  Gifts for the Gardeners in the Family--Outdoor Decor & Gifts

Apr 10 2012 - Best Tips to get started on your vegetable garden

Apr 19 2012 - Landscaping Ideas for You and Your dog to keep fido healthy outdoors
Apr 30 2012 - How to design and implement landscape for large rural properties
May 7 2012 - How to Create Drought Tolerant Gardens for Large Rural Properties
May 15 2012 - How to Create Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gardens
May 24 2012 - Healthy & Sustainable Container Gardens for Any Area
June 7 2012 - Small Garden & Landscape Ideas for Colorado
June 12 2012 - Newest Plants & Garden Elements on the Market
June 21 2012 - Green Walls & Vertical Gardening

APR 6 2010 - Growing Locally In Your Own Backyard:Get Organized-Design
APR 12 2010 - Landscape Design Basics Part I
APR 13 2010 - Growing Locally In Your Own Backyard:Soil Prep, Raised Beds, Containers and Companion Plants.
APR 16 2010 - Landscape Design Basic Part II
APR 20 2010- Growing Locally in Your Own Backyard:Harvesting, Maintenance & Extending
APR 22 2010 - Landscape Design Basics Part III

AUG 12 2010 - Sustainable Landscape-Plants and design for low water use & low maintenance
AUG 17 2010 - Sustainable Landscape-Environmentally friendly renovations and landscape
AUG 18 2010 - Starter Gardens & Landscapes-StepbyStep for Urban Vegetable Gardens & Surburban Landscapes
AUG 26 2010 - Exotic Gardens-How to bring travel spaces to your Colorado garden.
AUG 31 2010 - Meditation Gardens - How to incorporate elements into your existing space or new space to relax and focus.

Sept 1 2010 - Fall Gardens and Bulb Gardens.